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Nexus Veterinary Specialists

Nexus is a hospital founded by veterinary specialists. We believe in investing in the people, equipment, and time necessary to maximize the quality of care for all patients, and we do it all at an affordable price.

We are excited to be a part of the Baltimore veterinary community, and we would like to kick off our arrival by announcing the rollout of our limited-time Mobile Surgery services to the Baltimore city area.

What We're All About

EvolutionNexus or taking things to the “NEXt” level. Nexus Vet will be on the forefront of advanced veterinary care, research (in-vitro, clinical, One Health), and teaching.

Flexibility – A core team approach to help each other out, allow for work/life balance, and promote furthering the intellectual mindset of all employees.

ExpertiseConnected group of the best veterinary doctors/specialists, technicians, support staff, and administrative staff to provide a patient-centered/patient-specific approach.

Compassion – A bond or link between the pet owner, the general veterinarian, and Nexus Veterinary Specialists to promote compassion with every patient we treat and every client we interact with. To provide the best veterinary care possible while being mindful of costs to clients.

Orthopedic Surgical Services

How Nexus Can Help

At Nexus Veterinary Specialists, our mission is simple. We work with your family veterinarian to ensure your pets receive the best care possible. While your family vet handles your pet’s primary health concerns, our veterinary specialists provide many forms of care to assist in maximizing your pet’s health and quality of life.

Cranial Cruciate Surgery: TPLO, CBLO, Extra Capsular Repair
TPLO and CBLO are surgical procedures used to stabilize the knee with a very high success rate. Extra-capsular repair techniques may be recommended in unique situations.
Corrective Osteotomy for Limb Deformity
An angular limb deformity (a “crooked” leg) can occur for a number of reasons. This can lead to pain and a poor quality of life not to mention negative impacts on the joints. The Nexus board-certified surgeons have extensive experience in correcting angular limb deformities.
Minimally-Invasive Fracture Repair
Broken bones occur for various reasons. The Nexus goal is to utilize minimally invasive surgical techniques to allow bones to heal quickly and allow patients to get back to enjoying life.
Meniscal Surgery
Meniscal tears can be a source of knee pain and can occur at the time of cranial cruciate ligament damage or following knee surgery. The Nexus board-certified surgeons can utilize minimally invasive techniques such as arthroscopy to address meniscal damage.

Referring Veterinarians

We’re Here to Help!

At Nexus Vet, our role is to provide resources to assist you in the treatment plan that you feel is best for your patient. We value the long-lasting relationships you’ve built with your clients, and we hope our assistance will help you make your clients as happy as possible. Reach out to one of our veterinary specialists today to discuss your case.

Arthroscopy: Shoulder, Elbow, Carpus, Hip, Stifle, Tarsus
Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive way to evaluate and treat joint problems. It involved placing a small camera into the joint and using superior magnification to diagnose and treat joint problems. The Nexus team has the only mobile service in the region to allow for arthroscopic procedures.
Some dogs and cats will suffer severe trauma to a joint or could develop a severe joint disease that leaves them with pain and discomfort. Arthrodesis is the fusion of a joint. In particular dogs and cats can have a great quality of life following fusion of some joints such as the carpus (wrist) or tarsus (ankle).
Patellar Luxation
This developmental orthopedic condition occurs in dogs and cats that can lead to pain, limb dysfunction, and osteoarthritis. Nexus board-certified surgeons address patella luxation’s using various strategies that improve quality of life and ensure a pain-free return to function.
Joint Replacement: Hip, Elbow, Stifle, Tarsus
A joint replacement in a dog or cat can prevent or end years of suffering from joint pain. The Nexus team will perform hip replacements at select practices or at the Nexus Veterinary Bone & Joint Center, which will be the only veterinary specialty center on the East Coast to offer this service.
Referring VeterinariansWe Are Excited to Announce Our

New! Nexus Mobile Surgery

Nexus mobile surgery helps you offer your clients a quality yet affordable surgery experience in the comfort and familiarity of their family vet’s practice. We work around your schedule to provide a gold standard experience for your client and bring in our highly experienced team of veterinary specialists.

Board Certified Surgeon
Anesthesia Technician
Surgery Technician
Surgical Instruments & Implants
Surgery Team is Present for All consultations, Procedures & Follow-up Appointments
Technicians Handle Patient Radiographs

To ensure a quality experience for your client, the surgeon will be available to meet the client in person or by phone, answer their questions, and provide patient care instructions before and/or after the surgery.

Nexus veterinary specialists help generate revenue for your hospital! In exchange, we hope to build a relationship with you and to be a resource for you in building the best possible treatment plans for your patients. Please email us for our policies and pricing structure. Thank you for your interest in working with us. We are so excited to get to know you!

For mobile surgery inquiries, please contact David Dycus, DVM, MS, CCRP, DACVS-SA.

Our Expert Team of Surgeons

Meet the Doctors

Expertise and specialized training result in enhanced care and animals deserve the very best care possible. Just as humans are treated by specialists for a variety of medical reasons, animals should be treated by veterinary specialists when advanced care is warranted. Our team of experts can provide that care and are ACVS Board-Certified Veterinary Surgeons.

David Dycus, DVM, MS, CCRP, DACVS-SA

Medical Director/Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. David Dycus, a native of north Georgia received his Bachelor’s degree from LaGrange College where he graduated at the top of his class with a degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. Dr. Dycus attended Mississippi State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine…


Brian S. Beale, DVM, DACVS

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon​

Dr. Beale knew he was going to be a vet since he was 9 years old. His original inspiration came from his Grandparents. Growing up he often spent his weekends at their home, covered in drool from playing with their English Mastiffs and Saint Bernards. In a recent article (American Humane), Dr. Beale wrote …


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